Monday, December 26, 2005

Their are several different blaster replicas

the first picture is of a real blaster replica made from a British "Sterling SMG 9mm MK (L2A3)" machine gun with The 1942 or 1943 M Series Metal Tank Scope and The "Hengstler Counter" (is Original and 100% functional, cost about 500.00 us

these 2 pictures are of resin copies they probbaly the most common and run between 150-500 us

then thier is this type wich is made of PCV and metal cost between 100-400 but you have to make every part from scratch and is a long process

then the last is the kenner toy blaster about 50 bucks from ebay this is the easy way out for alot of people because it is the cheapest and total cost about 70 dollors for gun shipping and black paint .

i my self will probably go with the resin modle its very light weght

this is the stormtrooper FX armor kit its the most common one around it comes just like this and it take about 3 months to fully assemble , then you have to buy a blaster boots gloves helm fans and voice systems and a few other things

Friday, December 23, 2005

The dream begins here:

I have decided that I want to join the 501ST Legion. They very good group of people that do a lot of charity events and other stuff. It gives me a chance to show off my dark side, and become an imperial storm trooper. I decided to buy the uniform I need to join the legion instead of the new motorcycle. The uniform costs about 1850 to get it ready to use , then once I have the costume I have to send in my application to the 501 St then should take a couple of weeks to hear back from them , I would be in the Cloud City Squad which is based out of Portland. They a branch Garrison Titan. Garrison Titan is the division of the empire based right here in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington).

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